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4ft Plywood Jump Wings. Max 1.20m jump height. 


Please send us a message via email or WhatsApp ( or 07857847381 on WhatsApp) to go through your design once ordered.


We work in a highly competitive field, so we are constantly looking at investing in our products and researching thoroughly for maximum customer satisfaction. Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction. 


Designs can be bespoke to any specification, just get in touch and we can work together to put a design together! 


Wings are built out of high quality treated timber, sanded down with a primer and undercoat, top coat and high quality varnish for maximum longevity. Inserts are made out of 9mm Plywood, coated with primer and undercoat, hand painted in high quality exterior wood paint and topped with a high quality varnish. 


All wings are fitted with Nylon Keyhole Tracks - no cups included


To ensure maximum use of cavalettis, it is best to store inside when not in use or when raining. Simply wipe off any dirt etc using a damp cloth. 

1.2m Plywood Jump Wings

  • Perfect for those that like a change of scenery without wanting to carry and change sets all the time! 

    Also great for smaller arenas where multiple jumps isn't an option.

    Training children? Why not go for one of our chalkboard paint options giving you a space to write down riding instructions and letting the child work it out for themselves! Perfect for learning and development.

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