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What is Hobby Horsing? 

Hobby horsing is a sport that involves participants riding and performing dressage, show jumping and other disciplines on hobby horses. This activity combines elements of gymnastics, equestrian sports, and play, providing a unique and creative form of physical exercise and artistic expression.

In Finland, hobby horsing has evolved into a more structured and competitive sport. It gained significant popularity in the 2010s, and is accessible to all ages and genders. Finland is often credited with transforming hobby horsing from a playful activity into a recognised sport with organised events and competitions.

Here at Skyline Show Jumps we LOVE the idea of getting everyone involved, exercising and having fun and have worked with many hobby horse goers designing hobby horse courses for all events and home usage! ​

Click here to see how our jumps can be converted to Hobby Horse Jumps! 

Hobby Horse Jumping

Photograph by Gerry Slade Photography, Event hosted by Hobby Horse Adventures

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