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Rainbow Set of 7 Cavalettis include: 


 - 7 pairs of crosses (28 individual small risers)

 - 7 poles (2.3m approx, 6cm diameter)



 - Red

 - Orange

 - Yellow

 - Green

 - Blue

 - Pink

 - Purple


All hand made out of treated high quality timber, sanded down for a smooth finish and hand painted with undercoat and primer, colour wood paint and a high quality gloss for maximum protection and longevity. Built with exterior decking screws to minimise risk of rust if kept outside. 


To ensure maximum use of cavalettis, it is best to store inside when not in use or when raining. Simply wipe off any dirt etc using a damp cloth. 

Rainbow Cavalettis - Set of 7

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£400.00 Regular Price
£325.00Sale Price
  • Perfect for training and schooling getting your horses to engage their hind ends and really build up their muscles in order to allow them to carry themselves correctly. Engaging the horses core is a key part to all schooling aspects. 

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